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WELCOME TO  Shinobi Spirit!

From the Light, it came the Shadow. And from the Shadow, the Ninja were born.

Shinobi Spirit, a clothing brand so cool that only Ninja could (and definitely would) wear, was invented by Kamui Hanzo during the Edo period. As a Ninja Gaiden (fugitive Ninja), Hanzo was so able to identify those in his pursue and efectively terminate them before any harm would come to his person. That didn't stop him from killing everyone else too, just in case. Hanzo is long gone now, but his Spirit has remained in this world, ready to enhance any Ninja's coolness to unseen factors.

Have you got Shinobi Spirit? Come and get some.


Twenty Creatures in one tee!

A ninja bunny, a girl and her slug, an oni and his Polaroid, an abyssal fish, a worm from space and his mini-ovni, a cake celebrating its birthday, a reptile cat, a boy and his pet, a snail in fear, two beings with no description, two greys, two lucky little lamps, and a fortunate pyramid.

They are all pals.

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