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Mag'N'Mix Series 1

By Zeptiror

Everyday life in Tokyo...

Yosuke the ninja wants to be strong, like Richard Harrison and his friends!
Mariko the high school student has finally written that love letter... will she be able to put it in Yosuke's locker? Here is a lollipop!
Kabutron has been training hard for the sumo championship, and he is in the finals... but he ate too much chankonabe! Pursue your dreams, Kabutron!
Bip, bip, another robot is on the loose... but it's OK, because this robot is designed to love.

Each magnet is divided in 3 parts that you can mix and match... without mind, I always Mag'N'Mix!

Die-cut magnetic sheet, 19.5 x 28 cm.


By Zeptiror

Twenty Creatures in one tee!

A ninja bunny, a girl and her slug, an oni and his Polaroid, an abyssal fish, a worm from space and his mini-ovni, a cake celebrating its birthday, a reptile cat, a boy and his pet, a snail in fear, two beings with no description, two greys, two lucky little lamps, and a fortunate pyramid.

They are all pals.


By Zeptiror

Little colours explosion!

Authentic and unique works of art, each one tells a tale with not much meaning, but lots of little colours. Make your friends jealous: hang an original Zeptiror in your living room, your kitchen, or even your junk room.

Much better than Picasso, by far.

Acrylic and markers on wood. 8" x 12"